Thermochromic Filters: A Whole New Technology in Glazed Windows

The future of glazed windows has been hardly predictable by anyone but thanks to advancement in sustainable solutions for glass. We now have automated double glazing services at our homes without installing any additional gadgets. This technology incorporated by raven windows in the United States is shifting gears for window and glass production companies to think on utilizing thermochromic technology. Extremely useful for both residential and commercial usage reducing cost and conserving energy. Furthermore about glazing

How Does The Thermochromic Filter Works?

Everything is automated, there is no manual work required nor any additional mechanical infrastructure is needed. No wiring or electricity ducting is needful either for these automatic glazed windows. Once these thermochromic windows are installed, they are in action. Whether you are looking to customize the windows to reflect your needs or need a retrofit for your existing windows this thermal powered technology can fit all size and structure.

In summer when it’s hot outside the exterior glass will detect the temperature and upon transition, the thermochromic filter is released to block UV rays, heat, and glare. This allows a completely stress-free and automated experience for users who don’t have to think about drawing curtains or apply tinted films. Additionally, you are saving energy and cost to avoid heat sip into your home or office. On the other hand, when it’s winter season the windows will allow as much heat as possible to keep the inner temperature warm, no use of the thermochromic filter is needed and the windows will welcome all the heat that they receive. Hence automated double glazing services are right at your disposal that work without any human effort, literally!

Benefits of Glazed Windows:

Do you think your windows are protecting you from the harmful effects of UV rays? Think again. Depending on the type of windows you have, you are as much exposed to these UV rays inside your home or office as outside.

Apart from the harmful effects of UV rays, that most of us know, is the negative effect of sunlight on our household items like carpets and wooden floors. Research shows that without double glazing services at home nothing can prevent fading, discoloration and fiber degradation of upholstery, fabrics, and leather utilities.

Wood is among the most extremely photosensitive element and most used in our buildings, excess exposure to heat can result in deterioration while UV rays can affect the color drastically. Another household item that is affected when you don’t have glazed windows is carpet. Exposure of carpet to sunlight is synonymous with baking the fiber its made of. It will become brittle and decompose quickly.

Furthermore, the paintings on your wall can be damaged because of sunlight easily. As light has the characteristic of weakening and discoloring paper fiber, you are more likely to have them damaged in few years. Lastly, the furniture is also affected adversely by excessive sunlight when you don’t incorporate a double glazing service at your home or office.

With all this useful insight you will be seriously considering glazed windows for your home. Whether it be a thermometric filter or traditional tinted films to protect you and your belongings.