Selling Medical Supplies? Know What Is Exempt And What Is Taxed

Online chemist Store Auckland is often discouraged by the risk of being using the illegal drugs which may lead to unpleasant consequences. More often selling medical supplies in physically located pharmacies are getting less momentum as compared to the physical ones. With the advancement in online banking facilities, discounted cash backs and privacy. Selling of medical supplies is seen as a safe option and consider it more secure. Definitely the privacy in Online Pharmacy is less likely to get breached. Corner Pharmacy Online Chemist Store NZ is one such store that has got its own share of cons and pros. But in many of the cases, the pros outsmart the cons.

If one is considering to sell the medical supplies then one must be aware of what is exempted and what is taxed in this regard. Below is the list of five consideration to know about exemption and taxation of the medical supplies.


This is one thing which is exempted from the sales and the use tax. The word medicines involve around making anything that relates to curing different types of illnesses. They may include prescription, drugs and sold oxygen. Medicine is a wide term and caters to hair products, toothpaste, cosmetics, lotions, cleanser, and deodorants.

Dental Merchandises on sale

The dental products and related stuff are often sent at a rate that is hid under the cover of insurance. The services and the dental things that are bought by the consumer either entails a fee that involves the insurance. While in very rare cases neglect it. The sales tax are not applicable for the dental office to pay if the items are not made available on the counter of the dentistry.

Tooth Related Commodities

The taxes are only payable if the products are sold on the purchase of them as regular items only, just as they are sold in shops or pharmacies In Auckland, the rules may vary depending on the locality but generally article like toothpaste, toothbrushes are dental flosses do need the sales tax. The items that are exempted include needles, prosthetic equipment, prescribed mouthwashes etc.

Elastic Bandages

The medical supplies that are used widely in homes are exempted because the personal care products like these are for the daily use. They cater to the nursing and healing the patients exclusively. Hence this reason serves as an added advantage to the hospitals and clinic too.

Chemist Store NZ Concern for the Blinds

It is very much understood in the clauses set by New Zealand’s authority on how the taxes are exempted from the medical supplies that are for the use of personal care or used in the home. It can be anything from diagnostic devices to a pulses reading machine. Special mention should appear for the braille slates used by blind people. It is noteworthy to mention of how Auckland exempts the tax from the medical products used by blind people while it can be one of the things that can be heavily taxed just like other countries does. These include braille markings, specialized canes braille paper and slates.



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