Wooden Blinds

How To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Blinds

Have you spent a good amount of money changing your windows and still get cold and noise? If you have good windows and still get air, it’s likely that your problem is the blinds .

Blinds mostly get ignored and we only remember them when they do not work or make too much noise. But keep in mind that with a bad blind, it does not matter what window you install because a bad blind drawer is like having a hole in the wall through which air and noise can pass easily.

Types of blinds

If you are thinking about changing your windows do not forget about the blinds. There are many options to choose from that will make your life more comfortable so do not settle for the typical shabby blind. Here are some tips to choose from such as a pvc bathroom blinds.

The drawer of the blind

It is placed above the window and is where the slats are rolled. In addition, it is the key point so that you do not get air and noise. Always choose it with reinforced insulation and, if you can still see them, you will have to have a layer of insulation inside. In addition, a good drawer must be airtight.

The placement of the blind

One of the things that is not recommended mostly is that the drawer protrudes a lot towards the interior. Just so, this does not happen, most brands have special solutions. For example, at some places, you can choose a special type of installation guide that allows the drawer to barely protrude from the wall, so make sure of that before buying any pvc bathroom blinds.

The slats

Choosing the slats is also important and there are many options to choose from, for example, if you are in a cold area choose the pvc bathroom blinds that isolate more, but if you want to increase security choose the option of self-locking, With the self-locking slats you do not need bars as they are quite secure

The drives

If you have the possibility, it is preferable to choose a motorized pvc bathroom blind. They are more comfortable and have a cleaner installation that prevents air leaks. Also, they stay longer than the typical tapes. And on top of that you can easily program them. Surely, look for a good brand with guarantees because if you catch something of low quality, it will start having problems.

Get more information of the window

As we have said before, whenever a window is installed, it should come with the CE Marking ,which means it comes with technical data as well. This technical data will come in handy when trying to install the pvc bathroom blinds.

A final tip: whatever you choose, make sure that they write it out clearly in the receipt. Above all, the mark of the pvc bathroom blinds are very clear and make sure that the installer installs the same brand of blinds that you chose, and not of any other lesser known brand.