5 Simple Ways To Make Ikea Furniture Look High-End

Do you have that lackluster Ikea furniture lying around your home from top Ikea store? Yes, you surely do.

But with time you need to think of updating. You surely not have to start by doing it yourself.  This article covers five different hacks which will surely make your furniture look way too good.

1 Custom Cover Of New Zealand Ikea Furniture

Do you have an Ikea couch? Armchair? Or probably you own those throw pillows. Now it is time to reshape them and give them a more personalized touch. What else? Give these pretty pieces a little makeover. Remember that these cushions and couches of ikea are designed in such a way that they can offer you several styles and fabrics.

You can go for a striped slipcover or better you can even get a sea-inspired striped cover. How will it suit your modern interior? Perfect right? What else you can also go for a dark gray fitted cover which can make your old sofa act as a modern sofa. You need to remember one thing that your covers act as an investment. But you have to keep one thing in mind that extend the durability of Ikea piece.

2 Ikea Nz Table Legs

Now I am sure that you love the top of your Ikea table. But you hate the way legs of your couches appear. If you want to swap the original legs then it is a piece of cake to assemble too. I know you love more challenges so why not find great furniture legs. You can even mount metal legs if you are up for it.

3 Ikea Online Superfronts

Won’t you like to add some spice and texture to your covers? Well, there are a wide array of styles! You can take shiny copper knobs. There are leather loop pull handles and what else? Inspiration is what you get if you really want to make your furniture nz look way too high. What else?

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4 Hasing Paper For Furniture Nz

IKEA nz products can really outshine if you will make use of different adhesive sheets. Those sheets are responsible for sticking right to the surface. What more do you want? This is a super easy Ikea hack.

This method can be used for bookcase. If you are wondering that from where to get temporary wall paper then don’t crease your forehead as there are several websites out there which are providing you services and offering you wide variety of choices. You can stick the hasing paper over the end of any bookshelf. It will not only give life to the room but make it appear way too appealing. There are several pattern like marble and other textures.

5 Washi Tape On Furniture Nz

Washi tape is an incredibly easy stick-on option to add. Ikea furniture gets a whole new makeover. By using these techniques you can take the furniture nz to a whole new level.