5 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Accountant?

The relationship between an entrepreneur and his accountant is like that of a doctor and his patient. In the end, in both cases a person needs to go with a professional to treat problems and, above all, prevent.

You can no longer afford, if you did, to carry only the finances of your business. If you already made the decision to hire of the accountants in Auckland, surely you have some questions, such as: in what way do I make sure that it will respond to my needs? What services and documents do you have to give me? And what will be my final responsibility?

Here we present a six-point guide on how to manage the relationship with an accountant if you are looking forward to hiring one.

Hire An Experienced Independent Professional:

In addition to being a certified accountant, you need to have certifications from colleges of professionals. This makes it possible to verify that it is up to date, which is fundamental because of the continuous fiscal changes that occur.

Ask For their Previous Work References:

The best reference of an accountant is his work. Ask him to give you the phone number of some clients and contact them to ask for their comments.

It is vital that his resume confirm that he have experience with independent clients , and not only in large companies. It is also recommended that he has mastered other professional areas, such as the legal one.

Seal The Relationship With A Contract:

Once one of the accountants in Auckland has been chosen, a contract for the provision of services must be signed. What they should offer you, at least, is to keep the accounting record of your company and the calculation of your tax obligations. This includes updating yourself in the tax changes and supporting you in case of any requirement from the Treasury.

It Is Customary To Keep Receipts:

From the financial information that your business would provide, the payment of taxes will be made. That is why it is essential that you have control over it. The basic documents to be delivered to your accountant are invoices, receipts and all receipts of income and expenses, in order and per month.

Inquire Regarding Complete Financial Records:

As a client you need to receive a financial record of the state of the company (income and expenses of the business) plus a record of the fiscal payments made by the accountant and their respective receipts (certified by the corresponding authority). As an entrepreneur you should remember to demand those papers every month, not every time you remember.


There are some items that you can deduct for the payment of taxes, such as the purchase of goods that are related to your business activity. In terms of invoices (tax receipt for the delivery of a product or service) and expenses, it is essential to consult one the accountants in Auckland about any doubt, so he will take a more precise financial relationship of your company.



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