5 Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

There are a lot of ways to make sure the Hardwood floors remain intact. There are various ways through which a floor specialist will guide you, as this task is much more complicated than it sounds. If you are interested in keeping your floorings polished for several years then you need to follow the five ways mentioned below.

Floor Specialist Recommends Vacuuming Every Week

Many people have heard this tip several times, but they tend to ignore this by not realizing the proper importance of vacuuming. One needs to think that the dust is similar to sandpaper and it has to wear away one day or the other. If the vacuuming is good then it will make sure the surface is protected for years. Make sure that you are not using vacuums which comes along with rotating brushes. If you are too lazy to haul the vacuum then you can even pull the dust mop as an alternative.

Stay Away From Hairspray

You must always keep these two things miles away from your floorings in New Plymouth. Remember that these things can with no hole of doubt not only clouds the finishing of your floorings but they also damage the texture. So you need to make sure that you are cleaning them away and wiping it off if they fell unintentionally over your hardboard. Just take any of the damp cloth an wipe it off and use any better non-acidic or better if non-ammonia cleaner for the floorings as a great replacement. You must have a closet nearby so you never delay the cleaning else the problem will become a big one and you will have problems in removing the residues. The liquid will stain your hardwood so you need to just clean it without over cleaning.

Watch Out For Rain

Never ever let water to slide over your hardwood. There are several causes that no one prefers using water over the hardwood floor, firstly it ruins the finishing badly and moreover, it seeps down the layers of the wood and leaves a permanent stain. If you want that never to happen then take a few vital measures. Install some trays under the plants so that the tray could act as a guard. Any rainwater if then dares to enter then you need to wipe it off yourself.

Be Aware Of Floor Type

You should have a full idea of which polish will suit which flooring type in New Plymouth. You should never ever go for using a wax over a shellacked surface. Your hardwood will not only become slippery but it will ruin the other finishes as well.

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Use A Large Doormat

In ideal scenarios in Auckland and New Plymouth, people make sure to remove their footwear before entering inside so that the water and dirt won’t tag along. But We can’t always guide others or keep a check on who enters nor we can point out any guest so why not take a precaution yourself. You must make sure that all you get a 6-foot mat for the foyer so the hardwood can remain protected.